A star in a biкini under the waterfall! Demi Moore visited the Grand Canyon

A star in a biкini under the waterfall! Demi Moore visited the Grand Canyon

The actress took a trip along the Colorado River. Demi Moore published several photos, one of which showed her toned figure.

The Hollywood actress traveled with fellow artists to the famous Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. She admitted that the trip left an unforgettable impression. Demi published a series of colorful photographs, in one of which she appeared in a very candid form against the backdrop of nature.

The 60-year-old “Ghost” star wore a black biкini that showed off her slender figure, flat stomach and long legs. Demi completely abandoned makeup, she looked young and natural.

The actress posed under the jets of a waterfall at the mouth of Deer Creek, raising her arms and exposing her face to the spray.

Moore shared her impressions of the tour, which became transformational for her. “I had the opportunity to travel the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River with many beautiful souls. We laughed, we cried, and we created lifelong bonds that I will always hold close to my heart.

I will never truly be able to describe how my recent immersion in nature affected me. Standing on the banks of the Colorado River as we all admired its splendor and beauty, I was reminded of the urgent need to preserve and protect this important way of life,” said an emotional Demi, who is an active conservationist.

Fans of the actress appreciated her position in life and praised her appearance. “You look amazing!”, “What is your secret to stay so young and beautiful?”, “The beauty of this star will never fade,” bloggers said.

Bruce Willis’s ex-wife began speaking out about environmental protection in 2013. She talked about the consequences of global climate change. The mother of many children urged people to be more careful about everything that surrounds them.

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