Are you okay? Britney in a nаked photo after a miscarriage worried fans

Are you okay? Britney in a nаked photo after a miscarriage worried fans

Britney Spears once again shocked fans with a series of nаked pictures. The 40-year-old American pop star posed standing at the door.

Last week it became known that Britney lost a child from her fiancé. In this regard, the nаked pictures of the artist look completely out of place. However, this does not bother the singer at all. For the new photo, Britney got completely nаked and stood near the door.

The pop star pulled her hair back into a bun and sported her now-iconic makeover. Spears covered her breasts with her hand and her bikini area with a heart emoji. The candid photo outraged the fans of the singer.

“Britney, are you okay?” “This is not normal. Too much nudity”, “Brit, it’s time to stop”, “You need help”, “I’m worried about your mental health”, “Tie up with nаked photos,” users wrote.

The most attentive fans found a photoshop in the abdomen in the picture.

The presence of traces of the editor can be easily seen on the door – it has become convex. Fans assured the singer in the comments that she didn’t have to use Photoshop. Even if a star sees some flaws in itself, this does not mean that someone else will see them.

Britney also released a touching video from Mexico. In a big video, the singer collected the best moments from her vacation. In one of the frames,

Spears holds a little girl in her arms and hugs her, and then kisses her. It is obvious that the singer is suffering from a miscarriage, because she so dreamed of a daughter.

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