Brit in a leopard biкini shocked with a cаndid pоle dance

Brit in a leopard biкini shocked with a cаndid pоle dance

The beauty decided to “upgrade” her dancing, so she bought a pole for a striрtease.

Dancing Britney Spears is a separate art form, thanks to which the singer expresses her feelings: sadness, irritability, seхuality. Recently, the beauty bought herself a pylon – a pole on which they dance pole dance.

In the caption for the new video, Britney enthusiastically admits that she has only had a pole for two days, and on the third she danced her first dance. For him, the singer chose a revealing leopard biкini and high black boots.

Britney completed her bow with long animal print gloves. As always, Spears made a specially smeared make-up and loosened her long blond hair.

Britney also upgraded the room in which she dances. The singer completed the pink pylon with mirrors that add seхuality and entourage to her dance.

It is not known which track Britney danced to, but she posted the edited video to a Nine Inch Nails hit called Closer.

By the way, a pylon similar to the one on which the singer danced costs about $1,000.

The video has already garnered over half a million likes. Comments are traditionally closed because Britney suffers from an invasion of haters after every frank dance.

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