Britney Spears gets nакеd for a sensual new video, rolling around in bed.

Britney Spears gets nакеd for a sensual new video, rolling around in bed.

I apologize! Britney Spears, the singer of the hit song “I Did It Again,” celebrated turning another year older by filming a seductive new social media video in which she just wore her panties.

In celebration of turning forty-two, Britney Spears uploaded a seductive video of herself rolling around in her panties in bed.

With an impressive 42.7 million Instagram followers, the pop sensation showed off her new Victoria’s Secret push-up bra. She couldn’t contain her joy as she exclaimed to her admirers, “It’s official—I’ve found a Victoria’s Secret bra that doesn’t hurt!!!”

Although I adore push-up bras, padded push-up bras bother me! This bra is amazing—it lifts you up without adding any bulk! It’s silk, too! I don’t even think that anything is on me.

Additionally, Britney made a cheeky remark about turning 42, adding, “40 can suck my d***!!!” This year marks my sixth birthday. Regardless, the majority of the time I feel six.”

The sister has previously given an explanation for her internet video sharing, saying that it allows her to feel “free” during her 13-year conservatorship.

The mother of two writes about enjoying the little things in life and discovering the joys of adulthood for the first time in a long time in her memoir, The Woman In Me. Britney wrote that she “started to like how [she] looked again” and that she again “had confidence” and could accomplish her goals.

Britney went on to give an explanation for her audacious Instagram photos, saying, “I love dressing up on Instagram.” I am aware that many people find it difficult to comprehend my passion for taking photos of myself in new clothes or when I am nսde.”

“However, I believe that if they had been thousands of times photographed by strangers, touched, and posed for their approval, they would realize how much delight I derive from shooting my own pictures and posing however I like.

Since I entered this world unclothed, I genuinely feel as though the entire universe has been bearing down on me. She said, “I wanted to see myself as lighter and more liberated.

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