Congratulations Thika is finally born RIRI is a mom now see her

Congratulations Thika is finally born RIRI is a mom now see her

Huge congrats! It’s difficult to think Ri and A$AP Roy were merely pals before becoming parents. Ri and her fiancé had been friends for many years,

and following her separation from Hasan Jameel, they began spending time frequently. They didn’t declare their relationship until a November 2020 outing together.

Since then, the storybook romance has been outspoken about their admiration for each other and when they’ve been in public.

There’s no doubt these two like each other, from walking hand in hand and laughing to A$AP practically taking the Beauty brand off her feet.

In late 2022, the couple agreed to take things to another level by announcing they were having a child next to each other.

Soon as possible was detained on his way back to LA from the Caribbean with his quickly as possible baby mom yesterday, this year.

On that date, this year, the couple welcomed the birth of their first child which is a boy.

Ri and fiancé A$AP Roy depart Delilah’s in North Hollywood in the wee hours of the morning. About 3:30 a.m., they left the institution.

Look through the pictures to discover some of the woman’s most memorable moments!

The whale world was waiting to welcome this magic baby with her and her boyfriend, now let’s wait for his pictures.


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