Courteney Cox braces for cold plunge session in little purple biкini

Courteney Cox braces for cold plunge session in little purple biкini

Courteney Cox takes cold plunges in style.

Cox, 59, recorded her most recent session — as seen in a Monday, February 5, Instagram slideshow — which saw her brace for the ice bath in a purple swimsսit.

The biкini, which featured a triangle top and low-rise bottoms, showed off Cox’s toned physique. She wore her hair up for the occasion and accessorized with tiny dangling earrings.

As she prepared to take the dip, Cox asked the cameraman whether her ice bath socks counted as “cheating” considering the point of a cold plunge is to submerge your entire body in the brisk water to soothe soreness,

enhance moods, reduce stress and prevent inflammation. “It’s really f–king cold,” Cox yelled in the clip.

Cox isn’t the only celebrity to hop on the cold plunge trend. Gwyneth Paltrow is a big advocate of the practice and has one in her at-home spa.

Paltrow, 51, opened up about the bath during a tour of her self-care oasis in a video shared via her lifestyle brand Goop’s YouTube channel in August 2022.

“Welcome to our spa,” Paltrow said at the opening of the video before panning the camera to show a sleek and spacious blue tile room that she shares with husband Brad Falchuk. Paltrow teased that the 52-year-old TV writer is an “obsessive cold plunger.”

Elsewhere in the video, Paltrow gushed over her “favorite” Goop products including the G.Tox Ultimate Dry Brush, which she uses before sweating in her sauna.

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