Emily Ratajkowski is currently new Cinderella as she lost her one shoe while wlking n the red carpet

Emily Ratajkowski is currently new Cinderella as she lost her one shoe while walking n the red carpet

At the 2019 Met Gala, Zendaya managed to bring Disney’s Cinderella to life. Because the Euphoria singer was unable to attend each year’s celebration, E. Ratajkowski was tasked with bringing the fairy tale feelings, albeit unwittingly.

Emily, 30, had swapped from her Versace gown to a greenish short dress for such Met Gala. She completed the ensemble with a pair of hefty, hot pink shoes, which were perhaps a little too chonky for the girl.

She misplaced one of her shoes as she walked down the red floor there At Mark Hotel for with the after.

Emily accidently knocked the heel off, and it flew away. However, the sneaker did not travel far, and an unidentified man assisted her.

This person next to the hotel was Emily’s knight at the time, and he discovered that the shoes was a wonderful fit for her. They shared a

“Cheerfully Ever After” moment together…for approximately ten minute. Jessica then finds her way into in the gathering.

Emily went to a few after parties. She also made a visit from the 1 hosted by Cardi B at The Standards. “Hello there, everyone!!

According to Vogue, Cardi remarked, “Coming to the actual Met Gala sedating, presented for me and Playboy.” “Everything you have to do, I let everyone crank it up to eleven.”

I believe in getting up and dance! What takes place at this gathering?

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