Halle Berry drinks wine while standing on balcony in her underwear

Halle Berry drinks wine while standing on balcony in her underwear

Halle Berry wished everyone a ‘good Saturday’ while sharing the enticing new sensual photo.

In her recent Instagram snapshot, Halle Berry, 56, appeared to be having a relaxed weekend. In the photo, which she shared on Saturday, the actress posed on an outside balcony while enjoying a glass of wine and wearing nothing.

Her hair was down and unstyled, and she appeared to be as relaxed as she could be as she leaned on the railing.

“I do what I wanna do,” she stated in the caption, before adding a lips emoji. “happy Saturday.” It didn’t take long for her followers to respond with messages proving they appreciated the new treasure after the huge erotic photo was revealed.

“Looks like a cover from a romantic novel, one where a woman fell completely in love with herself,” one fan commented, while another said, “Go go sis! Please notify them!”

Before her latest shot, Halle made headlines for tweeting a similar photo of herself in a string bikini. She also donned a beige patterned overdress while holding a champagne glass, with a beach background visible behind her.

Her hair was short with blonde streaks, and she smiled as she closed her eyes.Halle is notorious for posting images of herself in bikinis or nothing at all. Her posts have grown pretty popular, whether she’s celebrating a holiday or a weekend, or advocating self-love and empowering other women.

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