I’m weird! Britney Spears in a revеaling bodysuit showed off her intimаte tattoos while dancing

I’m weird! Britney Spears in a revеaling bodysuit showed off her intimаte tattoos while dancing

Britney Spears tried on a provocative look for the filming of a new video. The singer also changed her hairstyle after the scandal.
The 41-year-old Grammy winner enjoys filming videos in her living room.

Britney dances in front of the camera, not afraid of explicit images. Recently, the artist began to experiment more with outfits. For the new video, the singer of the hit Womanizer tried on a provocative look.

Spears appeared in a purple translucent bodysuit with a “braided” design. High cutouts exposed Britney’s intimаte tattoos. So, on the right, below the waist, the star has Chinese characters, which she got inked in 2001. They translate as “strange”. On the left, the singer wears a tattoo of a cross, inflicted during a difficult period in her life.

The actress from the film “Crossroads” complemented the bodysuit with a choker and black boots. Britney straightened her usually voluminous, slightly tousled hair.

The pop princess’s makeup remained unchanged, with smokey eyes. Judging by the clip, she has already installed a Christmas tree in the living room and lit the garland.

Britney showed another video. In it, she wore a black long-sleeved top with horizontal rips, leopard print panties and black boots. The artist had a bandage on her finger.

At the end of September, Britney was seen in a video dancing with two knives in her hands. She said that she started playing with kitchen knives, but assured that they were not real. In the second clip,

the artist was wearing a white bandage on her wrist and a wound was visible on the upper front of her right leg. The star then hinted that the lighting in her living room was giving her terrible migraines. In the end, the police visited the dancer.

Shortly after the law enforcement visit, the star went to a private island in French Polynesia. Britney is staying at the famous Brando Hotel, where subscribers won’t bother her.

An insider explained that Spears needs some serious rest and relaxation after coming under fire for the knife video. The actress went to the Brando Resort with friends, reports the Daily Mail.

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