In a new video, Britney Spears wears neon pink biкini bottoms and dances to Santana

In a new video, Britney Spears wears neon pink biкini bottoms and dances to Santana. Watch

In her latest dancing video, the ‘Circus’ singer showed off plenty of moves while busting moves to one of Santana’s 1999 singles.

Britney Spears appeared to be having a good time as she began her weekend with a video of herself dancing to the song “Maria Maria” by Santana featuring The Product G&B.

The 41-year-old “Toxic” singer showed off her abilities in a video she tweeted out on Friday, July 28. Britney looked stunning in a pair of bright pink biкini bottoms and a long-sleeved white crop top.

Britney showed off a variety of dance skills in the new video, including twisting and whipping her hair back and forth.

She also briefly air-guitarred along with the renowned guitarist’s tune near the end of the video. Brit danced barefoot for the majority of the video, but near the end, she donned some high white boots.

The singer certainly likes the attire. Britney released a couple videos to Instagram in the beginning of July of her dancing to various songs in the same biкini bottoms, shirt, and boots she was wearing in April. It’s an obvious favorite for dancing.While Britney does post dancing videos on a daily basis,

she has a little more to dance about this month. She had just released her new track “Mind Your Business,” a collaboration with rapper Will.I.Am, a week before.

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