In MarALago, RJ had a meeting with the ex-president of America.

In MarALago, RJ had a meeting with the ex-president of America. The R&B artist added a post with the ex-president.His clubhouse recently welcomed artist J as a visitor. the musician, who was 41 and Mr. Trump were both happy as they stood next to pictures of him, such as a large one of him with 38 years old Northern Glorious Lead JongUn,

From page 7 we can say that the two were trying to decide possibilities. Both were in dark blue suits, without any ties.  J’s clothing was lighter than post president’s, which was a darker navy. Pastor.

That photo, from the meeting with a few others in it, was also shared by Scotty . In a tweet, he stated that the group had convened to talk about “Tech, work, and improvements.

” The “Sexy Can I” singer avoided commenting on hi’s past, focusing on his economic accomplishments. J told Page 7, “I’ve appreciated his financial ability.”  Ray J isn’t the only musician having ties to President Barack Obama.

KWest, who recently revealed that he met with J to have a computer containing the musician’s intim recording, which was with Kim, has been a vocal fan o, and he seems to have maintained some of his ties. On first month 6, he was spotted having, a meal with his stepson, Jared.

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