In this funny footage, Britney Spears writhes on a pole while wearing tiny biкinis and knee-high boots

In this funny footage, Britney Spears writhes on a pole while wearing tiny biкinis and knee-high boots

Pop sensation Britney Spears piqued fans’ interest on social media with a recent sensual video in which she pole-danced with an unidentified man while wearing a very little biкini.

Following her release of a new video on social media featuring her writhing on a pole in a tiny biкini, Britney Spears had her admirers drooling.

The celebrity removed the video of the mysterious stranger shortly after it was posted, which left her followers wondering a lot. To their delight, the star quickly re-uploaded it. The Toxic singer was seen dancing on the bottom of a pink floor-to-ceiling pole in the video.

The actress practiced full body rolls for the camera and wiggles her hips in all directions while holding onto the pole for the sensual clip. For the video, Britney wore a little white biкini, showcasing every inch of her amazing physique.

The hitmaker showcased her dancing skills while wearing a biкini and gorgeous light brown knee-high boots. A mysterious man wearing cargo trousers could be seen attempting to mimic Britney’s dancing moves in the backdrop of the video.

Later on in the film, Britney was approached by an unidentified male who began to grind on her; all she could do was smile. It turns out that the man was Cade Hudson, Britney’s manager.

“I never play my own songs on Instagram and I’m honestly not sure why,” the woman wrote as the post’s caption. I suppose I was angry that, after 13 years, I had still not even attempted to suggest what I truly wanted.

Even after all of the Vegas up family performances… I’m always sure that America will find me out on the street looking for footwear!”

“Well, it’s a little different, down here in hell with most, dancing to my own music for the first time! Please only breathe on me if your breath is fresh.I wanted to share my song-writing experimentation for the first time! PS from yesterday.

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