Kristen donned a patterned dress with no straps see a photograph she appeares as a lady

Kristen donned a patterned dress with no straps, see a photograph she appears as a lady

She deserves kudos for her continuous efforts as a strolling fashion icon. This Academy Award actress,

who was originally known for her exquisite choice in suiting, has been shaking up her look and sporting some truly amazing costumes.

Kristin was pictured in a white Brandon Maxwell dress at the Director’s Society of American Oscars on Friday, March 19.

The gorgeous sleeveless gown had a mesh-like neckline that gradually transitioned into a billowing, patterned skirt.

She didn’t wear much jewelry with it, but she showed off a couple of her rings when sitting for a red carpet portrait.

She did her hair in natural waves, piled on top of her head in a beautiful up style to match the group’s glitter.

Her eyelashes were powdered with a plum cream and her cheeks were wiped with a dash of genuine rose coloring.

Kristen’s recent run of red carpet costumes continues to impress those watching from home.

A sparkling gown at the Critics Awards 2018 and a transparent Chanel gown with fluff and glitter were two and her most notable fit smashes.

Kristen has selected excellent outfits even when she isn’t traveling the red carpet, including an informal OO TD with a white top and vans, as well as a yellow 2 set.

We’re just one month out by the 22 Oscar, but judging on her recent string of clothes, we’re wanting to see what she dresses on Cinema’s greatest night.

And besides, Saturday’s celebrations are a momentous event for the erstwhile Vampire star, since she was recognized at her first Academy.


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