Paulina Porizkova, 58, shows off her body in a print biкini

Paulina Porizkova, 58, shows off her body in a print biкini

Hot girl summer doesn’t have to end just yet for Paulina Porizkova.

Even though swimsսit season is coming to an end, the former supermodel isn’t going to let anything stop her from sharing an end-of-summer biкini post—and she’s not going to allow any body issues get in the way, either.

Instead, on Friday, September 1, Porizkova posted a new golden hour swimsսit shot to Instagram, wearing an itty-bitty print two-piece and embracing the truth that every body is a biкini body.

Ludwig, her dog, wanted to join in on the fun, adorably posing by his mum on a towel next to the pool.

In her message, the 58-year-old opened out about the reality of body image concerns, saying, “I just saw a post of an IG friend of mine, a body pic in which her body looked unbelievable.” She’s my age, yet she doesn’t have any of my pimples, lumps, or loose skin.”

“And my first reaction was, ‘holy cow, she looks amazing,'” she said, adding that after years of battling with comparing her body to others, she can finally declare she’s “not in the least bit envious” of other women’s bodies.

She also reflected on her progress over the years, admitting, “In the past, I would at first make the inevitable millisecond comparison, feel ashamed for not measuring up, and then deal with my shame and envy,” which she described as “either putting the woman down (in my head- not online!)” or putting herself down.

“When we make comparisons, we also judge,” she added, adding that “both are programmed into us and exacerbated by society.”

“It took me from my early fifties until now to get here,” she said of her current body image perspective, which compels her to look at other women “in celebration of who they want to be.”

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