Potential OnlyFans model: Britney Spears danced in a micro biкini

Potential OnlyFans model: Britney Spears danced in a micro biкini

Spears’ frank and provocative movements in her dances have led experts to believe that she will have a successful career on OnlyFans.

Divorced and single, 42-year-old American singer Britney Spears has long given up music, but regularly continues to delight her 42.3 million Instagram followers with wild dances.

So, in one of the latest publications, she demonstrated very revealing movements in a swimsսit.

The former pop icon rocked a sеxy look in a skimpy biкini in a variety of colors, including a black bra and yellow and blue leopard print bottoms.

She paired it with a cropped bolero top with the same print and completed her outfit with a pair of black high-heeled boots. “About last night!” she captioned her clip, prudently closing comments on the post.

Britney has famously vowed never to return to the music industry, but her dancing and poses, as well as her love of showing off her naked figure, could earn her a lot of money on the subscription website OnlyFans, according to many users.

In recent years, the adult site has seen a huge influx of celebrities eager to offer fans a glimpse of their raunchiest sides, while earning millions of dollars in the process.

Bella Thorne, who like Britney is a former child star, earned a record $1 million in her first 24 hours on the site, while former Bond girl Denise Richards’ earnings are believed to be as high as $2 million a month.

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