Red-haired beast! 62 yearold Julianne Moore tried on a nаked dress

Red-haired beast! 62 yearold Julianne Moore tried on a nаked dress

Looking at Julianne, it’s hard to believe that she will soon turn 63 years old. This star is in excellent shape and still regularly pleases fans with stunning looks for evening outings.

The actress has said many times that she made the decision to age naturally, so the condition of her face and body is solely the merit of Julianna herself.

The path to acting success for the Hollywood diva was long. She began actively acting when she was already 30 years old. Before that, Moore worked as a waitress and only occasionally performed on Broadway.

Having entered the profession as an already formed personality, Julianna managed to fully realize her potential: she starred in completely different films and is still considered one of the most talented actresses of the generation.

Apparently this is why the woman is absolutely not afraid of age. She knows for sure that you can be happy at any time. Julianna is 9 years older than her husband, director Bart Freundlich.

Their family has two children: son Caleb and daughter Liv Helen. At the same time, the actress does not have complexes about aging. Looking at Julianna, you begin to believe that age is not so important if you feel young.

Over the years, the actress has not even changed her style. She continues to dress fashionably, not limiting herself in choosing outfits. For example, Julianne is still a real fan of denim, which is considered a material for young people.

In addition, the actress is in great shape, so if she chooses to attend a public event, she will definitely highlight her figure with an outfit.

This time, Julianne also pleased fans in an unusual way. To a seemingly very simple black dress with a cape, she added active gold accessories that emphasized her graceful wrists. And the styling – Hollywood waves – reminded everyone how beautiful the actress’s hair is.

Despite the strict style, the combination that the actress chose is still not for the most modest. Thanks to the light fabric of the outfit, the impression of a “nаked” dress was created.

Through the thin material, all the features of the actress’s figure are visible. However, thanks to the length and proper, thick underwear, the outfit looks decent

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