Salma Hayek shared shots in a bright biкini 

Salma Hayek shared shots in a bright biкini

The celebrity spends time in Mexico. The day before, she visited the famous Cenote caves.

57-year-old Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek shared new photos in a swimsսit. The screen star posted the photo on Instagram.

The celebrity is vacationing in Mexico. She swapped the ocean for caves and went to the Cenotes.

These are natural depressions and karst sinkholes formed due to the collapse of the arches of limestone caves, where underground water flows, sometimes with the access of sea water.

Cenotes are commonly associated with the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Salma showed off her figure in an orange biкini as she swam among Mexican caves, hiding her hair in the water.

She succinctly outlined the location in the caption for the post.

“Paradise. And you are a wonderful mermaid,” “Magic beauty,” “You can swim anywhere,” her fans write under Salma’s new photos.
Before this, the actress had already shown a photo from the Cenote, but did not reveal where exactly she was.

“Guess where I am? Tomorrow I’ll give you more clues…” the Frida star wrote.

“Caves in Yucatan?” — her fans almost immediately solved the celebrity’s riddle.

Let’s remember that Salma Hayek congratulated Francois-Henri Pinault on his 15th wedding anniversary.

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