Spot the difference: Britney in biкini before and after photoshop

Spot the difference: Britney in biкini before and after photoshop

The star was embarrassed by posting a picture on social networks.

Unfortunately, Britney Spears, for all her virtues, does not have model parameters. Despite active training in the gym and at home, she constantly has a few extra pounds in all strategically important places.

But with the last picture from a vacation in Miami, she completely stunned her fans. A chiseled figure in a bathing suit, perfect tanned skin, taut hips, a thin waist, firm breasts… Britney once again earned herself the fame of a sеx symbol, which she was in the 2000s.

But not everything turned out so smoothly. The paparazzi on the same day captured the unsuspecting singer on the same beach. And she didn’t look that great. Compare a photo from Instagram of a star and a random shot.

So until the perfect body in Britney’s biкini still train and train until a sweat. Or at least hide from the ubiquitous photographers.

Yes, Photoshop is a miracle these days. I wanted to – evened out the skin of my face, tightened the corners of my lips, erased pimples and removed traces of a sleepless night, but I wanted to – and completely redrawn my figure. We chose 15 more celebrities that subscribers caught on a rough photoshop.

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