The envy of all women! what Salma really looks like up close

The envy of all women! what Salma really looks like up close

The actress has been breaking all stereotypes about age for the last 10 years.

And all this despite the fact that Hayek initially determined for herself that natural aging was her path.

She did not have any injections, and there is no question of operations at all. The actress was repeatedly suspected of plastic surgery, but she admitted that she did not need it.

But even without surgical interventions, Salma manages to maintain her body and face in perfect condition.

She has beautiful, toned skin, a gorgeous hourglass figure and virtually no wrinkles. At least that’s what the actress looks like on her social networks.

The paparazzi managed to photograph Hayek up close during a social event.

It turned out that the burning brunette had quite a bit of gray hair on her head, and small facial wrinkles on her forehead and around her eyes.

Despite these small age-related changes, Salma looks incredible! She truly achieved the beauty of her body without resorting to any fillers.

Fans were absolutely delighted with what they saw. They immediately noted that Hayek looked hot even with minor changes.

“How beautiful and unique she is. Gray hair even suits her,”

“No wrinkles make her look any older,” “This woman drives you crazy with her beauty,” said fans of the Hollywood star.

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