The photojournalist was shocked when the leopard approached him softly and licked him.

The photojournalist was shocked when the leopard approached him softly and licked him.






Susan Amir, a German photojournalist, and cinematographer visit the African desert regularly.
There, he shoots stunning photographs and movies with members of the local wildlife. In his collection, wolves hold a unique position.» Recently come back to South Africa, where he encountered an unusual story.

Susan had set up an “attack” from which he was watching the desert for good shots when he noticed a wild leopard approaching him.
Fearful, the photojournalist began to stand cautiously, signaling to the beast that he was conscious of his progress and prepared to protect himself. He came to a halt and contemplated his next move for a while. He stepped closer to Susan once more.

When the leopard got near enough, he smelled the photojournalist, brushed his face on him, and sat beside him.
“I could see he was eager to converse. Susan described what he witnessed as “almost beginning to meow like a cat.”
Amir needed a few moments to comprehend what a remarkable scenario had unfolded in front of him. How fortunate he was to be given the chance to interact with a wild creature at arms distance!

At the very same time, the leopard was completely calm and showed no signs of aggressiveness.
He also hugged Amir numerous times to express his love.
Luckily, the Nikon was nearby, and the photojournalist could capture some interesting photos of a wild animal in motion.

On this particular morning, the leopard even permitted himself to be petted and embraced, giving Susan a once-in-a-lifetime chance to interact with nature without risking his life or health.

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