You weren’t imagining it! Britney Spears forgot to wear her biкini bottom

You weren’t imagining it! Britney Spears forgot to wear her biкini bottom

The singer continues to shock Internet users with her frankness, crossing the boundaries of sanity.

Almost everyone recognizes Britney Spears’ living room. Recently, the star has been going online with more and more explicit content. Moreover, the frames were shot in the same room from the same angle. Most often, she shows off her revealing outfits, which not everyone approves of.

But now the star has outdone herself. The “object” of attention was Britney’s new dress – although can this attire even be called a dress? In the frame, the girl stands in a translucent black cape, the parts of which are connected by several chains.

This outfit doesn’t even cover her legs and thighs from the side. The singer is wearing a blue and white swimsսit top. But Spears forgot about the biкini bottom.

The star is holding her dog in her hands, which blocks the full view of the top of the dress and bust. I wonder what view will appear if you remove the dog?

Maybe this is a way for the singer to express herself after so many years of lack of freedom?

After Britney and Sam Asghari filed for divorce, fans were seriously concerned about the star’s condition. Fans were especially frightened by her dancing with a knife – like in a horror film.

Commentators believe that Britney needs professional help. Perhaps she was released from her father’s care in vain. Let us remember that it was after the “binges” against the backdrop of a break with her second husband that Spears ended up in rehab.

Will this situation happen again after the third divorce?

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