A diligent lady gets her 17 pets to pose for a wonderful family portrait.

A diligent lady gets her 17 pets to pose for a wonderful family portrait.

People like photographing their dogs, but the creatures do not share this excitement. Often getting a cat, whether a kitten or a puppy, to pose for pictures is hard, resulting in a lot of blurry pictures.
Imagine how difficult it is to get the ideal image if you have not one, and as many as 17 pets! Cathy Smith of Britain, on the other hand, did the impossible: she gathered all of her canines, a total of 17 pets, in one area for a charming group picture.

It’s difficult to deny Katie’s fondness for pets at the age of 30.
Rose, Ben, Maximilian, Chico, Teddy, Rico, Storm, and Misha are among her eight canines and nine kitties. She also owns four birds, a variety of fish, and a hamster. Katie decided to picture all of her pets in one image one day.

For many of us, such a feat would be impossible, yet Katie succeeded. It wasn’t simple, though. First and foremost, she collected the puppies, as they were more docile.

The cats, on the other hand, did not comprehend what she intended from them right away and dispersed three times.

And for a split second, all 17 animals were in their proper locations, staring straight into the cameras. “I was ecstatic when I discovered I had captured such a wonderful, nearly personal photograph,” the lady adds.

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