A popular video demonstrates that dogs are mostly not great companions but also infant tricksters

A popular video demonstrates that dogs are mostly not great companions, but also infant tricksters.

The unthinkable happens when Charlie, a dachshund through his own YouTube and Fb sites, grabs a toy from infant Laura since she is jumping in her highchair. Laura starts crying.

Charlie detects her rage and returns the toy. Laura’s tears stop, while Charlie’s do not.

In a nearly 2 video shot by Laura’s father and Charlie’s guardians, Charlie can be seen gathering toys from all over and throwing them in Laura’s lap as her jumps, completely obscuring the baby’s face place at a single point.

Laura’s father, who claim to speak Polish, confirmed on Sunday on Fb that Charlie does indeed bring Laura her things and also that the footage was not manufactured.

They said on Charlie’s Fb page, “Whenever Charlie grabs any of Laura’s toys, he immediately gives it back.”

“We put her things in the hamper, but he enjoys opening it and bringing them to her (WITHOUT even being ASKed).”

“That’s why we chose to document these instances and compile them into a single video!” the article went on. “It wasn’t planned or rehearsed in any way.”

The video, which was uploaded in April, has received over 4 millions of views.

And it was very popular among the people who themselves had puppies at their homes.

This video was really very cute.

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