Brit did it on the phone with Colin! Here are the details!

Brit did it on the phone with Colin! Here are the details!

Popular singer flirted with Colin Farrell (Colin Farrell). Britney Spears had a spicy conversation with the actor.

The Grammy-winner’s affair with Colin Farrell lasted only a few weeks, but she left her mark on her biography. The track’s producer Britney Don’t Hang Up claims the lyrics were based on passionate phone conversations between the pop star and the actor when they met in 2003.

“This song was about phone sex. She arranged a date and started dating Colin Farrell. I remember Britney stating that she talks to him on the phone all the time, so I think it kind of came from here,” Joshua Schwartz explained on The Original Doll podcast.

Spears’ composition was included in the album In The Zone. Their romance happened before Britney’s 55-hour marriage to Jason Alexander. She later married Kevin Federline.

Her second marriage lasted three years. Now the actress of the film “Crossroads” is married to her third husband, Sam Asgari. Britney and Sam dated for five years before getting married on June 9, 2022, according to The Sun.

Meanwhile, a controversy arose around Spears’ memoirs. The singer announced the release of her autobiography The Woman in Me on October 24th.

The book is described as a bold and surprisingly touching story about freedom, glory, motherhood, survival, faith and hope. Britney removed from her memoirs the words she wrote about her mother and sister. Lynn and Jamie Lynn did not ask the actress about this.

Recently, the relationship between Spears and her loved ones has improved significantly. Lynn managed to get a meeting with her daughter after a high-profile trial and the release of the star from guardianship.

Britney did not communicate with her mother for a long time. Their recent conversation lasted only half an hour. That was enough for Spears to post a warm message to Lynn on social media. The singer assured that she was glad to see the parent.

Sam was very worried about his mother’s life. Fatima Asgari was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after the accident. Britney’s mother-in-law was in intensive care. The 29-year-old fitness trainer thanked the doctors for their help.

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