Brit performed a seat dance for her ex-husband in her underwear

Brit performed a seat dance for her ex-husband in her underwear

Britney Spears is one of the most outrageous celebrities of our time.

But she was once a real pop icon and the main inspiration for young girls. Her life and performances were closely followed until in 2008 she came under the care of her father.

Long years of control “broke” Britney, so when she freed herself from it, she was unrecognizable. Spears became aggressive, eccentric and vulgаr.

Even marriage to a young fitness trainer Sam Asgari did not calm down the pаssionate singer.

The singer, instead of commenting on such rumors, prefers to simply post very racy videos online. Apparently, Britney believes that they can hurt her ex-husband much more painfully.

Spears shared one of these posts on social networks. The Hollywood star, wearing a red pulled-up brа top, low thоngs and white boots, performed an erоtic dance near a pole.

Fans were literally stunned by what they saw. The network immediately began to discuss Britney’s behavior. Some considered her behavior inappropriate, but most women were able to understand the star.

“This is real women’s revenge. Let Sam watch and cry”, “That’s right, dear, show him what he will never be able to see in person again”, “Britney is sеxy. It’s unlikely that Sam will be able to find someone better than her,” some of the star’s fans said.

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