Britney is showing us More Holiday Snaps Saying She’s Going To Behave Babies In Pacific islands

Britney is showing us More Holiday Snaps, Saying She’s ‘Going To Behave Babies In Pacific islands’

Britney is loving her newfound independence and is eager to start a family with her boyfriend Sam! Her recent vacation to Hawaii with boyfriend Asghari must have left a lasting impression on the

“Bigger and more powerful” diva and her hot-to-be husband!

Brittney and Sam flew out of L.A. on March 3 to a tropical to mark Sam’s bday, which fell on the very same day.

Britney startled fans today when she declared that she had tweeted a photo of her shirtless on the beach with the message,

“Planning on having babies in Tahiti!!!!!!” after posting a slew of photographs from their love holiday.

Brit squirmed around outside on the beach in different sexual stances in a photo gallery of images. Her devoted admirers, whom she thanks for rescuing her life from the 13-year dictatorship,

voiced their support in the remarks portion of the skimpily dressed photo.

“Yeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!” wrote, “Please take all the kids!”

A fan, @joshhelfgott, from the Instagram Twitter handle @joshhelfgott,

praised her baby bikini images and baby announcement, writing on the comment page, “World Shifting. Recognizable. Courageous.”

This isn’t the first time Brit has expressed her wish to have kids with Sam, according to meets.

She let her ideas on having more babies be known just a week after her custody was dissolved by a court in Los Angeles,

saying on Instagram, “I’m considering having more kids!!!”

I’m not sure if this one is a boy or a girl… She is definitely on her feet, seeking something!!!!

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