Britney Spears welcomes fans in underwear right out of bed

Britney Spears welcomes fans in underwear right out of bed

All fans are worried about Britney, but she, apparently, continues to enjoy life. Spears is active on social media, so literally everyone is aware of her craziest activities. This time, Britney surprised fans with pictures literally from bed.

Two years ago, the pop icon of the 2000s was freed from the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears. Back in 2008, the singer was declared incompetent due to mental illness. For a long time, the girl could not manage her savings and was limited in communication with her own children.

After the court lifted the conservatorship in 2021, everyone was sure that the most difficult period in Britney’s life had finally ended. However, for now Britney will not be able to rationally manage her freedom.

The girl regularly shares very strange photos and videos. Britney is now not shy about even the most uncomplementary nude content on her social networks.

In addition, now she often shows the public how she dances, although her movements most often do not please fans, but rather scare them. Many of her fans are sure that Britney needs help, there is a feeling that she is simply not herself․

More recently, the girl shared pictures literally from bed. Previously, the girl had already been photographed in her underwear, but these were always pictures in the mirror.

But then Britney didn’t even get out of bed. In these shots, she is wearing a strange set of a hot pink bodice and orange panties. Her hair is already habitually disheveled, and her makeup looks careless

Moreover, all this is happening against the background of the emergence of information about the illness of Britney’s father. Jamie Spears underwent major surgery about a month ago and had his leg amputated due to an infection.

The singer has a very difficult relationship with her parent. But it’s hard to believe that she didn’t know about serious health problems in such a close relative.

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