Britney tried on her worst swimsսit that will ruin any figure

Britney tried on her worst swimsսit that will ruin any figure

Britney Spears is still enjoying her freedom and showing fans how she is relaxing with her fiancé, Sam Asgari.

It seems that over the past couple of months, the former pop princess managed to go on vacation five times – more than in all previous years, when she was under the care of her father.

And her holidays continue.

The other day, Spears shared a photo from the pool where she swam topless. “Say hello to my ass,” the star signed under this picture.

Fans were impressed by the audacity of their favorite. But they complained that it would be possible to show a full beach look. They haven’t seen Britney in a bathing suit for a long time!

The singer heeded the request and then showed a beach outfit. She did it in vain: we have not seen a more unsuccessful swimsսit for a long time. If you are going to update your summer or “holiday” wardrobe, in no case follow the example of Spears.

How to swim and sunbathe in such a place is absolutely incomprehensible. In the water, he will immediately fly off the shape of a star because of the strange cut. And the tan in this outfit will lie unevenly.

You can’t call a beautiful swimsսit either. On the figure, it does not look complimentary, distorting the proportions. And considering that the forms of Britney are still far from model.

Haters after these photos – by the way, from all angles – again began to hint that it would be nice for Britney to tidy up her figure a little.

Spears herself responds sharply to such jokes. “What are these requests to see a plastic surgeon for advice on changing my body? Is it just me or is someone else offended by these “experiences”?

Maybe I’m an extremely sensitive person. In any case, I would rather fall off a cliff than ask a doctor to tell me what he thinks is wrong with my body and go under the knife, ”says the pop icon of the 2000s.

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