Britney turns up the heat with her new tорless photos

Britney turns up the heat with her new tорless photos

Britney Spears responded in a very original way to rumors about her pregnancy. As one might expect, the pop star decided to refute this information with nude photos.

On her Instagram page, the 39-year-old singer published a series of candid shots in which she poses in a sedսctive manner.

Spears appeared tоpless in front of the lens in white panties and high red boots. She let her blonde hair down and twirled in front of the camera, showing off her body at 365 degrees.

In the caption to the provocative photos, Britney wrote that she was not pregnant, and her breаasts had increased solely because she loved to eat. The celebrity also came to the defense of women who are embarrassed about their bodies.

She noted that many times she looked at photos from her performances and was disappointed with her shape, but over time she accepted herself and realized that she was an ordinary woman who should look at herself in her natural form and admire her appearance.

No, I’m not going to be tоpless for the rest of my life because it’ll get boring, but it really helps when you need to accept yourself.

– the singer summed up.

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