Brit’s face was mutilated! injսred artist close-up

Brit’s face was mutilated! injսred artist close-up

American singer Britney Spears trusted non-professionals. In a personal microblog, the artist said that would-be cosmetologists mutilated her.
Britney Spears got in touch with fans and announced that she would no longer do Botox injections.

The performer of the hit Baby One More Time admitted that the beauty injections that she did not so long ago disfigured her. After visiting the beautician, Spears’ forehead was swollen,

her eyelids drooped, and her eyebrows were at different heights. In addition, Britney had terrible bruising on her face. The artist could not leave the house for two weeks.

The celebrity complained to the beautician who gave her injections. The doctor reassured the artist, they say, she faced minor side effects. Britney was not convinced by the words that her distorted face was the norm.

The star will now use exclusively special patches. The artist took a close-up of her face, showing a rejuvenating patch patch.

What happened to the American pop diva was commented on by beauty blogger Stella Aragonskaya. In her telegram channel, the expert supported Spears. According to Aragonskaya, the vocalist got caught by an unprofessional beautician.

Stella suggested that Britney was injected with too much of the drug, so one eyebrow “fell” and the other “went into overcompensation.”

Let’s note, earlier there were disturbing news about Britney Spears. The ex-husband of the singer Kevin Federline said about her addiction to drugs.

According to the dancer, Britney’s children, 17-year-old Sean Preston and 16-year-old Jayden James, are afraid to visit their parent, as she behaves inappropriately and could die at any moment.

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