Eddie Murphy says he doesn’t want a funeral! Let me go in peace

Eddie Murphy says he doesn’t want a funeral! Let me go in peace

Before declaring that he does not want a burial, the comedian joked that the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ theme tune should be played during his service.

Eddie Murphy’s family is aware of his exact desires for after his de ath.

In an interview with reporter Kevin McCarthy broadcast on Instagram on Wednesday, July 3, the comedian disclosed that he does not want a funeral, suggesting that people should play the Beverly Hills Cop theme music at the event to make them “smile.”

He performed his own a cappella version of the jingle, claiming that it should be played while he is buried.”That’s just a joke, ’cause I’m never having a funeral,” he said.

Murphy went on to say, “I mean, I’ll die like everyone else. However, my loved ones are aware that there would be no funeral. Just let me leave quietly.”

The interview was for his current film, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, the fourth episode in the action-comedy franchise, which came out on Wednesday, July 3.

Murphy reprises his role as Axel Foley in the film, a cop who returns to Beverly Hills after his daughter’s life is threatened. It has been a decade since the third picture was released.Speaking with McCarthy,

the actor quipped that he’s been asked how he feels about portraying “the Black James Bond” and tells everybody who asks, “I don’t have to be some Black James Bond.” I have Axel Foley, who has theme music.

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