Flying on his motorbike and flaunting his long beard and hair Keanu  had a John Wick scene See photos under

Flying on his motorbike and flaunting his long beard and hair, Keanu  had a John Wick scene See photos under

Keanu rode his bike to lunch in North Hollywood, channeling his most famous film role.
After all, he isn’t all that dissimilar to John Wick. On March 3rd,

the 57-year-old star was seen driving his bike to dinner at De San Cottages in North Hollywood.

In the intervention movie series, John Wick takes his good proportion of motorbike rides, so it was interesting to watch the actor who plays the famed contract killer doing that in everyday life.

For the midday motorbike trip, Keanu dressed like a genuine motorcyclist. He was dressed in a dark black jacket, a black zip-up top, blue pants, and brown leather shoes.

He wore a navy blue and gray scarf that he wrapped around his neck securely. Keanu wore a hefty red helmet to emphasize his security while riding in the blue truck.
Keanu dropped his mask as he got at his location, revealing his unkempt (and attractive) goatee.

The actor sported his trademark long brown hair and beard. He stopped his motorbike and went into the restaurant to have something to eat prior to carrying on for his day.

Keanu finished shooting the next John Wick 4 in October 2021, and fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment in the fiction story.

The third installment grossed a projected $327 million in total, which was more than the previous two installments together.

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