Her girl is wearing mom’s suit and she likes how it is looking on her

Her girl is wearing mom’s suit and she likes how it is looking on her

This girl is unmistakably a lady! In images shared on her Insta from Apr 31, the daughter who is already 36 of iconic musician William Joel,

and model mom Bettina Rubinstein, looked like a framework queen. She sported a revealing black bikini with a cheetah sarong across her waist in the set of images,

which she stated were photographed by her stunning mother. Alexa grinned as she pulled her long dark hair aside,

the light cascading down on her. She uploaded what looked to be love songs in the captions accompanying the photographs.

“Sweep!” read the description. —High – rise Hill, May 2022—Photos by Mom Dearest @christiebrinkley So this is something I came up with… eh!

And maybe all a woman has had is her longing, and she may be / And maybe something between the continuous alarm going of her core,

and her brain / In that weirdly split / She posses everything unlimited, unhindered, unbridled / Like its some sparkly, wild black thoroughbred who can never be pacified.”

She stated in the remarks that she’s been “engaged on music,” implying that her comment is a tune she just penned.

“Keep on writing,” said she @butterfly enchanted. Well being making yourself. Could you please write a book someday? Thus it is interesting and we see their reactions.

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