Hot and flawless! Jenn, 53, posed tоpless again, wiped her nose at the haters!

Hot and flawless! Jenn, 53, posed tоpless again, wiped her nose at the haters!

We never cease to be amazed at how Jennifer Lopez manages to combine the roles of mother and artist: spending a lot of time with her children and husband, but at the same time having time to give concerts, attend red carpets, launch projects and shoot for brands.

It seems like this beauty has 30 hours a day! By the way, the artist not only acts as an ambassador for some lines, but also acts in commercials herself, showing the goods with her face. She is not afraid to get naked – and she has something to show!

For several weeks, the celebrity devoted all her free time to her family, but now she has become active again and recently announced the launch of her own line of cocktails, and now she decided to remind her about her JLo Beauty brand.

An image of Jennifer appeared on the official page of the line, which simply could not help attracting the attention of Internet users.

In the picture, Lopez posed topless, demonstrating all the advantages of her toned figure. For this photo shoot, the stylists gave the artist a rather minimalistic make-up.

“Is it legal to stay so hot at 53?”, “I sign up for the gym”, “Perfect woman”, “Perfect Jennifer,” said the fans in the comments to the picture.

But in the post itself, attention was drawn to a very pressing topic – a month of self-care. “Remember how important it is to take time for yourself. Every day when you find at least a little time to take care of yourself, you help your mental health and well-being,

”the caption to the spicy frame said.

By the way, the publication also listed five ways that help J. Lo take care of themselves – thorough skin care, regular exercise, time with loved ones, proper nutrition and creative work. All this, as the post says, helps Jennifer maintain her mental health.

Many subscribers noted that they are trying to get enough sleep, meditate and eat right. They also would like to play sports as often as Lopez, but not everyone has such an opportunity.

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