How a rescued dog shows his emotions to the person who helped him and adpoted

How a rescued dog shows his emotions to the person who helped him and adopted

Kayla F works as a pet sitter at a Philadelphia animal sanctuary. She adores pets and is always willing to share her affection with them.

When Russ arrived at the shelter, he was four years old. He was quite shy. He was suffering from skin issues and was battling kennel cough.

In addition, he was incredibly skinny and lacked fur on its tail and ears. He weighed around 41 pounds.
Kayla realized while enjoying hours with Russ that he is a highly diligent and cute puppy.


Kayla with Russ were out walking together. He was having a good time hugging with her. He was pleasant and courteous.

What’s more intriguing is that he was familiar with all the simple commands. He had to have had a previous owner before arriving to the refuge.


She fell madly in love only with dog after the stroll and was unable to release him. She notified her mother that she was planning to rescue Russ.

Kayla returned to the refuge after finishing her courses and went on a vehicle ride with Russ. He was just sitting in his back seat, pleasant and relaxed. Kayla knew she couldn’t go home from him when they returned to the refuge.

The crew was a little worried when they found out she was planning to foster him. They had carried adoption paperwork with them.

She brought Russ to her house that that night! Russ, Kayla remarked, is just like a blessing in her existence.

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