How was the couple’s wedding video made by birds!

How was the couple’s wedding video made by birds!

An Australian newlywed tried to film a romantic clip on the beach. The newlyweds had no idea that noisy birds might ruin their love.
In Dampier, Western Australie, The man, and his partner were resting on the beachfront. The pair wanted to shoot a lovely movie as the sunlight started to set below the skyline.

They had no idea, however, that the obnoxious bird would ruin the relationship. When the bird entered the frame, it started moving in an unusual manner. In addition, the unwelcome visitor began to yell in a shrill and disagreeable tone.

Another buddy eventually joined him, but he was silent.
However, the couple posed for the camera and passionately admired the sunset, taking poses for pictures. They had no idea that their footage had been irreparably destroyed.

Bright and her fiance didn’t realize what had was going on until the day when they began analyzing the film.
After all, of course, they felt really bad about what had happened. It was, however, really amusing. “It appeared as if the gull was laughing at us since it had already wrecked our love film,” Jace adds.

The couple will always remember this shoot, but not like the time they realized their wedding shoot was ruined but with smiles on their faces.

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