Ili Pikas, sometimes famous as the magical rabbits are a lovely and uncommon mammal on the verge of extinction

Ili Pikas, sometimes famous as the “magical rabbits,” are a lovely and uncommon mammal on the verge of extinction.

Prepare to form a relationship with this lovely rabbit-like species, a cute and uncommon critter you might not have even heard of.

Researchers discovered virtually little or nothing about these critters . Li Weidong, an environmentalist, was found by the Ili Pika in northeastern China in 1983. Ili Pika is the nickname of the place that was first discovered.

These lovely critters reside in holes between 2,800 and 4,100 meters above sea. They are so small, but they are incredibly strong in the face of the cold. Herbs from the Tian Shan Highlands constitute their staple diet.

Since their discovery, the population has plummeted by 71%, owing to global warming.

In 2014, the 60-year-old Li, recognizing that no one wants to aid these adorable animals, decided to lead a team of scientists to investigate Ili Pikas. A total of 20 volunteers made up the team. Their mission was to figure out how many species they had and how diverse they were.

During the research, the retired environmentalist spent his funds. Regrettably, the authorities showed little attention. These small animals are on the point of becoming extinct. Government or some group should take action to safeguard and research these magnificent creatures; else, people will only be able to view them in photographs.

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