I’m in Greek Paradise! Claudia posed in a skimрy biкini on her 53rd birthday

I’m in Greek Paradise! Claudia posed in a skimрy biкini on her 53rd birthday

The German supermodel celebrated her birthday at a popular resort. Claudia Schiffer showed a chiseled figure in a youthful beach look.

The star of the world podiums met her personal holiday in a luxurious villa on the beach in Greece. Claudia showed off her incredible figure in a flirty biкini. A white and blue plaid bodice was complemented by tango panties with a colorful print in shades of red.

Schiffer took spectacular poses, showing a flat stomach and long legs. Of the jewelry, the top model chose a gold necklace with a heart-shaped pendant. The look was completed with sunglasses. Her platinum hair hung down to her shoulders in natural curls.

The birthday girl was photographed in a spacious living room with panoramic windows, decorated with garlands of pink balloons and golden balloons with the inscription “Happy Birthday”.

Schiffer showed off a cake that her loved ones had baked for her, generously covered in chocolate icing and decorated with candles and sparklers. “Celebrating in Greek Paradise with a very special friend who came to wish me a happy birthday!” Claudia said.

The star of glossy publications perceives her age with dignity and does not envy young fashion models. “In my time, I received a lot of wonderful compliments. But then you move on to the next stage and move on. You don’t have to stay beautiful all your life.

It’s a good memory, but then the next generation comes along. For me, this is a natural act – to give them way, not to be envious. I can’t think of anything worse than if they told me: “There is a magic pill, and it will make you look 20 again,” said the muse of Karl Lagerfeld.

According to Claudia, working on the podium and in front of the camera lenses helped her get rid of her complexes and liberate herself. “I would probably still be a very shy person who has no idea that he will experience so much and overcome so many things.

I would be at work, where you can be in the background, in a bank or backstage. Modeling has been my therapy. I learned to communicate, ”the star of the film“ Rich Richie ”quotes the Daily Mail.

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