In a beautiful portrait P. Chopra again posted some nie photos of her little kid which is so cute

In a beautiful portrait, P. Chopra again posted some nie photos of her little kid which is so cute

In a sweet Inst post, the ‘Baywatch’ star shared a sneak peak of her and N. Jonas’ baby while wishing her mom a birthday!

On Thurrsd , 6 16, P. Chopra shared a nice pic of her mom Madhu holding her 4 m old Malti on Snap chat. While the spotlight was on The Matrix Supernatural happenings star and her mom ,

Madhu was fondling her sister in the adorable pic that featured three generations of women in their parents! Priyanka, wished her mother a wonderful person in the caption.

“May you always have that infectious smile.” “You spur me every day still with someone zest for life and interactions,” she chose to write.

Although the portrait only started showing her Deepika was clearly a proud mother, staring intently at her younger sister as her mother cradled her.

Her mother wore a white surface with a vibrantly colored design, while the star decided to wear a cozy-looking blond sweater. Malti was covered in a black blanket with what appeared to be a floral behavior on it.

Back from May, Priyanka discussed the first group shot of her though her dad N. Jon s,with Malti to commemorate Mother’s Day.

The couple posted the photo to commemorate Malti’s voyage house after 1000 days in the NICU. “We are elated that our own girl is home and safe,” Priyanka captioned the photo.

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