Katie drove nаked to romp in the vehicle after making a racy other couple revelation

Katie drove nаked to romp in the vehicle after making a racy other couple revelation

Katie Price, a glamour model and businesswoman, was discussing on her podcast when she recounted taking a couple to a viewpoint with her boyfriend for a naughty frolic.

Katie Price admitted to driving butt naked up to a viewpoint for some playful fun.

The 45-year-old former beauty model was discussing on her podcast, The Katie Price Show, when she recalled the story.

Katie and her sister Sophie were trying to recall a story that happened at Devil’s Dyke, a 100-metre-deep ravine on the South Downs near Brighton.

Price stated that when living near the Sussex landmark, she told her sister about a time she drove up to the valley overlook with her lover to get frisky.
She also stated that while the two were up to no good, they were not alone.

“Well, there was a couple there, and I was with my boyfriend.” “I believe it was in the book,” Katie stated.

Sister Sophie was pleading with Katie not to wear swingers, to which she responded, “No! “I’m not swinging!”

She went on to tell her sister that the foursome went up to the area absolutely naked.

“We just thought it’d be fun to get naked in the car and drive up to Devil’s Dyke and have sеx – not with each other, but with our own partners.”

“It was the freedom, because we knew what would happen if we were caught.”
The most difficult part, according to the entrepreneur, was going naked from their residence to the car.

“Just imagine, you’re all sitting in a car naked, just on a normal road, you’re all naked in the car, like what the f**k?” she chuckled.

Price is no stranger to being upfront about her shenanigans, as she continues to get plastic surgery in order to reach her ideal body.

She announced last year that she would be getting her sixteenth confirmed boob job.

Friends of the actress have expressed alarm, with many saying she is “ignoring the dangers” of getting too much plastic surgery.
Amy, Katie’s mother, also expressed her displeasure with her daughter’s quest for body perfection, implying that she suffers from body dysmorphia.

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