Like a young girl! Demi Moore came out to fans without makeup and underwear

Like a young girl! Demi Moore came out to fans without makeup and underwear

Demi Moore continues to drive fans crazy with her beautiful forms.

The actress has been doing everything possible for a couple of decades to maintain freshness and beauty. For example, Moore is a real fan of plastic surgery. She practically never leaves cosmetology clinics. Moreover, sometimes the result of interventions looks very strange.

For example, the star’s incredibly sunken cheeks at the Fendi show a few years ago were discussed by the whole world. After this incident, the actress slowed down with beauty procedures.

This is something that cannot be taken away from Moore – despite her pathological fear of aging, she does not use Photoshop and is not shy about showing her real photos.

For example, in a swimsսit without retouching. Of course, she has certain shortcomings, but Demi still looks better than many thirty-year-olds.

The proof was her appearance at the Fendi Spring Summer 2024 show. Demi chose an orange top, which she put on her naked body. Large sunglasses completed the look.

Thanks to the fact that Moore was photographed up close, everyone was able to notice how beautiful she looks at 60 years old. Yes, the Hollywood star has slight age-related changes, but they only give her a special charm.

Fans were delighted by the celebrity’s appearance, and some were even inspired.

“You can’t take your eyes off Demi. She once again proved that the years are not taking her,” “What a sophisticated and beautiful woman,” “I also want to look so sеxy at 60,” Internet users said.

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