Man quit his job and sold all he owns in order to travel with his adorable kitty.

Man quit his job and sold all he owns in order to travel with his adorable kitty.

Richard who is an Australian young man, decided to leave his work and travel with his adorable cat.Have a look at Richard and his cherished feline companion Willow, who is a priceless soul to her owner. This couple has a very deep connection. Willow holds a special place in Richard’s heart. She came to his aid throughout a tough period in his life.

Richard’s previous-girlfriend got this lovely kitten from a Hobart charity. Willow fell in love with Rich the first time she visited him, despite the fact that the master was not Richard. The cat was two years, and she hasn’t left Richard for a moment since, particularly during his difficult days.

Willow aided Rich in overcoming his grief after his girlfriend left with him a day.Richard was relieved becoming the master of Willow when she refused to care for her. Richard found Willow to be a really sweet and friendly cat who, like all the other cats, enjoys cuddles.

He feels a lifetime obligation to this rescued cat and is willing doing everything he can to help her.This team has traveled extensively throughout Australia, seeing both South and Northern Australia.

Willow is also a risk-taker who enjoys exploring and spending time outdoors. Rich’s van became her home, and Australia became her playground.They do have a popular Instagram profile with over 100,000 followers.




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