Paparazzi filmed 56 yearold Salma on a yacht! her real shape will discourage you

Paparazzi filmed 56 yearold Salma on a yacht! her real shape will discourage you

Salma Hayek is the owner of an eye-catching figure.

The Hollywood star has never been considered a fashion guru, but she has become an inspiration for curvaceous girls. By her own example, Salma, whose breasts are still growing, showed that a large bust is not a cross, but a dignity.

Every outfit of the Hollywood beauty – from dresses to biкinis – is exclusively accented on the neckline and waist. Especially after losing weight stars.

Salma managed to lose a few pounds, and after that the star began to actively share her pictures in a biкini on social networks. It turned out that they are very different from what they actually are.

The paparazzi photographed Hayek while relaxing on a yacht. The actress, along with family and friends, is currently traveling in the Caribbean. The heat is terrible – the thermometers exceed +30. To freshen up a bit, Salma went for a swim, where hidden cameras were waiting for her.

When the Hollywood star rose from the water, it immediately became noticeable that the figure of Hayek was very different from the one on the network. She has cellulite on her thighs, small folds on her stomach, and the skin itself is far from elastic.

Despite this, fans still admired the figure of 56-year-old Salma, who manages to keep herself in great shape at that age.

“Not all women can boast of such a physique as Hayek”, “Here she is, a real beauty: with cellulite and folds. It is a pity that Salma does not like to publish such honest photos on the network”, “She is beautiful with all her “highlights,” the fans supported the actress.

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