Paulina, 58, poses for a cаndid bedroom photo in small undеrwear

Paulina, 58, poses for a cаndid bedroom photo in small undеrwear

Paulina Porizkova, the iconic Sports Illustrated model, looked stunning as she bаred her toned tummy to the camera for a relaxing bedroom shot while showing fans her panties.

Paulina Porizkova, the supermodel, stripped down to her underpants in a rather candid bedroom photo this week.

Pauline lay back on her spotless white bedsheets, her toned tummy prominently displayed and her powerful thighs bаred to the air.

She wore a white linen shirt over the top of her plain outfit, leaving her bra below and only fastening one button of the garment, exposing a triangle of skin.

Pauline wore her golden hair in free waves over her shoulders, threaded through with mature streaks of grey, as she slipped her arms beneath her head and peered up at the camera lens.

She went for a natural make-up look, adding a nude lip and a dab of eyeliner to her natural beauty.

As fans raced to support her, Paulina recounted the “pain” of missing a loved one and dealt with her “childhood trauma” in her lengthy caption.

“Out of sight – out of mind,” she wrote. This is a very simplified viewpoint, or, in my case, a defensive measure.

“When a loved one physically closes the door, I do the same emotionally.”

My subconscious has decided that the pain of missing someone is too painful for me to bear.”Childhood trauma, coupled with reinforcing events, has left me with an almost crippling fear of abandonment.”

Paulina stated that she found this about herself in therapy five years ago, but her friends were already aware of it.

“In the years since, I have worked very hard on trying to correct something that may have protected me in the past, but has now outgrown its usefulness and is instead a burden,” she continued.

“It’s still a work in progress.” I’m still trying to accept that when someone goes, it may not be for good, and it’s not because I wasn’t worthy of their affection.

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