Paulina boasted a lovely аss. You will be numb when you see this

Paulina boasted a lovely аss. You will be numb when you see this

If there’s one thing Paulina Porizkova loves, it’s posting a bikini pic with a deep caption. Her latest, which shows off her leopard print thong bottoms, is no different.

The 57-year-old model took a moment to reflect on celebrity narcissism with the post.

“Let’s talk a moment about celebrity narcissism – of which I’m as guilty as anyone.

Is it that narcissists are inherently drawn to a life in the spotlight- or that the spotlight creates them?” she pondered, adding: “There is a certain level that is actually necessary- and it’s a little past the allowance for most others. If you’re famous for being an artist or an entertainer- your actual craft requires a level of narcissism.”

She added: “You require either major confidence or narcissism. And both happen to look alike from the outside – but be exactly on opposites sides of the spectrum. What truly separates them is the ability to listen, to hear. The confident one can process new information, the narcissist will bat it away.”

Definitely some food for thought.
I will also continue to wonder about Paulina’s hashtag choices, in particular, #betweenjloandbettywhite, which seems like a wide spectrum of humanity! And it also seems to be a favorite hashtag of Paulina’s…she has been using it on her posts for more than a year.

I could talk about this forever…but I will move on because the woman is so strong in her #deepthoughts post.

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