She is looking awesome with her pink body shaped dress see pictures

She is looking awesome with her pink body shaped dress see pictures

Our Purple Thursday princess is having a Pink Monday to remember! She proudly displayed a fantastically sexy pink swimsuit in a personal Instagram image released on May 31,

and she even recorded herself wearing it. Her tresses were tied back into a tidy ponytail and she wore a very one pale pink outfit with silver rings.

The “Hyper Bass” artist also released two more pictures of herself reclining in a tub without her pink top on, flaunting her stunning assets!

She wasn’t just showcasing her greatest features; she was also advertising a new worldwide collaboration with Max, with whom she’ll be collaborating on the sports gambling application.

Nicki expressed her affection for her headgear to red carpet anchor La La Lawrence. “I didn’t want to do the appearance if I can not do the hat,” She said.

Her “natural breasts were coming out,” she laughed, as the one “unexpected” aspect of her outfit. The artist explained, “They made my bust size a bit small.”

The collaborations follow the rap star’s unexpected disclosure of her life when a reporter asked her a personal question on Instagram.

After a fan asked if she was “drunk” on March 21, the Nyc native revealed what she’s doing now clean.

“No, I’m clean and enjoying my life.” Okay?” Nicki then followed up with the second Twitter, saying,

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