She looks exhausted with Ben! J.Lo exposed her thin body during training

She looks exhausted with Ben! J.Lo exposed her thin body during training

In 2022, the couple of Ben Affleck and JLo made us believe in love again. The lovers reunited 20 years after the breakup and played a luxurious wedding.

The couple’s fans were delighted, because they always knew that Ben and Jennifer were the perfect couple. After a sudden breakup in 2002, the actor and singer decided to try again.

But, apparently, the couple did not last long. The couple have not been seen together for more than 7 weeks.

When J.Lo admitted in 2022 that she was back with Ben Affleck, social media literally exploded. The two already dated in the early 2000s. Moreover, they even planned to get married.

Then everything was ready for the wedding celebration, but one day before the ceremony the lovers decided to cancel everything. Until now, no one can understand the reason for this event.

After all, after parting, both recalled the affair with tenderness. But then the lovers decided that they would be better off without each other.

In 2022, both Ben and Jennifer were not dating anyone for the first time in a long time. They decided they could give their friend a second chance. Soon a unique wedding celebration took place.

On the day of the ceremony, the singer wrote very touching words on her social networks about how she was very happy with Ben, and that it was worth waiting for twenty years.

However, after a year of marriage, the spouses are no longer so kind to each other. They had seemed irritated in recent months, and recently they had stopped appearing together altogether.

JLo regularly appears in public, but now she is clearly not in her best shape. The singer recently shared photos from her workout in which she is posing in a very daring top. Fans noticed that Jay had noticeably lost weight; apparently her relationship problems had exhausted her.

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