South Korea’s 1st dog that was honored, rescued its owners life

South Korea’s 1st dog that was honored, rescued its owners life

A dog called Baekgue got a guard prize in S. Korea for about the 1st time in the history of this country.He resced the life of his old master from hypothermia.On 08 .25, the owner and her dog vanished.Hidden cameras around her home captured this.

The 90 years old master of Baekgu suffers from dementia, thus her disappearance has terrified her family.The police started looking for the woman right away, and it took them almost 40 hours to find her.She was discovered 2 km away from the house in the center of a rice field.The woman was wet in the rain, causing her cloths to become thick, and she was unable to get up.

It was terribly cold outdoors, therefore Baekgu, who refused to abandon his mistress, prevented her from becoming frostbitten.The woman was taken to a local hospital, and the animal was given a reward for his bravery and devotion.

Baekgu first arrived to their home some yearg before, when they brought him home as a pup after being assaulted by a bigger dog, according to the owner’s daughter.

“Baekgu was particularly fond of my mom, and it seemed as if he was thanking us.” I was really concerned that my mum had gone missing for so long in the rain. I owe Baekgu my gratitude. “He is a member of our household,” she explained.

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