Star in a biкini on a yacht with her husband! Haley showed a romantic video

Star in a biкini on a yacht with her husband! Haley showed a romantic video

Americans vacation in Europe. Hailey Bieber shares beach shots with Justin Bieber

26-year-old top model flew to Spain. Hailey took part in the Victoria’s Secret campaign, and after filming decided to stay at the resort for a while. She was accompanied by her husband, musician Justin Bieber.

Lovers enjoy chatting with friends, boat trips and beach holidays on the Mediterranean coast.

Today, Hayley changed her usual clothes for a tiny bikini. The wife of a pop musician arranged a photo shoot on a yacht. Bieber appeared in a burgundy swimsuit from the brand of supermodel Candice Swanepoel, who worked as an “angel” of Victoria’s Secret.

Hayley gathered some of her hair at the back of her head, secured it with a ribbon, and hid her face under sunglasses. The star of gloss sensually settled down on the deck of the yacht and showed a tanned figure in the best angle.

Later, the Biebers went for a walk in the picturesque green garden. Justin went outside bare-chested. The artist combined brown swimming shorts and white sneakers. The performer of the hit Sorry picked up his wife and threw her over his shoulder.

Fans of the star family are vigorously discussing romantic shots. “Justin carries his queen in his arms”, “You guys are so cute”, “They look happy”, “She has a great body and beautiful skin”, “How pretty in this scarlet bikini,” said the fans.

Alec Baldwin’s niece is considered the queen of street style. She inspires fashionistas from all over the world with her looks. Hailey in a dress with an unusual neckline attracted increased attention at the party.

The top model was able to establish a warm relationship with Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend. Selena Gomez defended Hailey from bullying. The musician’s wife, in turn, publicly thanked the star.

Bieber recently opened up about serious health issues. The top model suffered a microstroke a year ago. According to Hayley, her husband responded in time – he took her to the hospital.

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