The dog started loving this little kitty after discovering her in his bad

The dog started loving this little kitty after discovering her in his bed

The cause of the “conflict” between dogs and cats is yet unknown. Why they can’t seem to get along is still a mystery.
Consider the reaction of a dog who discovers his comfy bed has been snatched by a pampered kitten. Bailey is a sweet and loving dog. He’s tough, but he feels scared when he discovers his cozy bed has been taken by the little cat.

He probably drew the picture in his head of how comfortable he is sleeping in his relaxing position a minute ago, hurrying to his comfy bed.
However, his good intentions were dashed when he discovered that his mattress was already taken. He realized the small invader has no intention of leaving her place after some nervous motions.

The Golden Retriever struggled on, barking loudly and pacing about his bed.
The small kitten appeared to be indestructible. Bailey tries biting the edge of his bed and pulling it, but nothing seems to bother the small cat, who sits happily on the plush dog bed without concern.

The sweet dog eventually seemed to give up, exhausted from the useless effort.
He sat on the side of his bed, completely oblivious to the pampered and obstinate kitty. The kitty then switched positions, sharing the bed with her sweetheart.

The “battle” ended peacefully with two cute companions sharing a comfortable animal bed.


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